Brand Monitoring

Brand Buzz is a social media marketing platform designed to satisfy specific needs of advertising agencies and brand managers who run campaigns through social networks.

Brand Buzz manages all phases involved in the planning and execution of a successful media campaign on social networks.

Planning and Insights
Gain insights into customer behaviors, conversation topics and trends
Understand the current market landscape
Review the competition's social strategy and complete list of influencers
Drive reach and awareness by engaging the top campaign related opinion
Social Relationship Management (SRM) 
Distribute content from multiple accounts across multiple networks
Allocate ownership, deadlines, priorities and distribution channels
Improve consistency by streamlining the content publishing process
Maintain a single source of all brand's social activities and leads
Define a full approval chain for all content publishing
24 Hour Social Scene
Review the most important conversations from the last 24 hours
Monitor conversations, as they happen, across all social channels
Understand the tone and sentiment of campaigns as they develop
Identify business strengths and weaknesses highlighted by daily sentiment results
Success Measurements
Review an executive overview of brand and activity level successes
Compare multiple campaigns for channel compatibility and user response
Measure pre-defined succes criteria against actual results
Quantify the effect the brand and the influencer's social activities had on the wider UCG

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Social Media

Social networks have become one of the major media. 75% of companies invest in social media marketing. However, it is very different from traditional mass marketing.

Social Marketing

Brand Managers in the near future will be responsible for social media marketing budgets.

Brand Monitoring

The traditional monitoring tools brands available are not sufficient.

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